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Idiotproof Assistance Required


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I cancelled with Sky a few days ago to go with Plusnet thereby saving £60 per month for the sake of having a Sky+ box and being able to record things.

After making a few enquiries on the Betfair forum someone directed me here and I'm looking for a bit of help in choosing a box that works most like a Sky+ box but it's confusing as there are so many to choose from.

I don't really know much about these things and I'd like some advice as to how it all works - is it as simple as just buying a box online and then having everything on TV for free?

I'm sick of being ripped off by Sky and I need to save a few quid though I would like a decent box with a HDD and hopefully two tuners enabling me to record programmes.

Thanks for your help.

PS - I think I'll also need some advice as to how I can locate this thread when I next login...told you I was dumb!

Joe Fernand

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Has this Post got the wrong date on it!:eek:

‘is it as simple as just buying a box online and then having everything on TV for free?’ – yup, just don’t tell the gazillion folk who pay for subscription TV services!

‘I'm sick of being ripped off by Sky’ – ‘and I would prefer to turn the tables and Rip SKY off’ :D


PS Top Right of screen - hover over your name then select 'your content'.


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It depends upon the channels you want to access? You can't get all of the channels or all of the content you'd get if subscribing to Virgin Media Cable or SKY satellite TV via services such as Freeview, but Freeview doesn't require a subscription.

I must add that you shouldn't be tempted to go buy a used cable TV box off eBay because such boxes are technically stolen property and will not work without a subscription and valid account.

If considering a Free service then either Freeview via a terrestrial antenna or FReesat via a dish are your most likely options:

Freeview | Home

Many TVs now have the inbuilt ability to access Freeview and or Freesat and some even have recording capabilities built into them, but you'll need a STB if you don't have such a TV. You can get a set top boxes with much the same type of EPG and recording capabilities associated with SKY boxes. Here's some examples:

Get Freeview | Freeview

Freetime from Freesat. Catch up on the past seven days of TV and watch On Demand, subscription free

The forum here will probably be of some help as well :

PVRs | AVForums

or maybe a mod could move this thread there for you?
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