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My mother-in-law has decided that she should buy my father-in-law a Digi Camera for his birthday. They have no PC, can't program the video and are not rolling in cash. My first advice of "DON'T" hasn't been taken so I'm looking for the best way of getting them to spend a little and still get some use out of their purchase.

They've been advised by "the woman at the shop" to go for Curry's offer on the Kodak 7525 pack which includes a 5Mp camera, the docking station and a photo printer for £180... this seems way OTT for their requirement (Printing pictures of the grandchildren). I've told them that a) the ink/paper is expensive £18/40 sheets, b) they cannot edit the pictures (apparently they told them they could do it on their TV!!).

My suggestion is to get a cheap 3Mp camera off Ebay and use the shop booths to edit and print their pictures cheaply, but I've never used these things and need to know that they are suitable for Mr and Mrs Abacus before directing them down that route...

Does anyone use these booth things and can they advise whether they are an option for my problem duo ?

Thanks in advance


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Can't offer any definitive advice but that was an excellent post - made me smile :)

I would guess something with a good screen on the back of the camera so they can view thier pictures..... a few not too large memory cards....not too many buttons to confuse them and they should be sorted.

They can delete the bad ones on the camera (or view via a TV out connection) then take the memory card to a local shop for printing.

No doubt someone will be along before too long with more specific reccomendations.

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