ides and rears in a 7.1 set up.....


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Right then, been thinking (again after plan A, B, C etc. etc. did not get approval).

I have a Yamaha RX 757 (not up for upgrade), and need surround speakers. I like to sound of my Cyrus/Dynaudio combination in the kitchen and would like to replicate in the front room. I plan on getting an X Power amp and using the pre outs on the Yamy to power a pair of DM 2/6's or 2/7's. I can then use the music direct to listen to music powered by the X power (source is a SB touch). I will get the DM centre to ensure the fronts all sound good together when listening/watching AV, and here in is the problem. I would love to use DM 2/6's for the sides but they are too big. I have to have something discreet and was going to use MA HD45's for the rears and wondered if I could get away with MA HD90's for the sides and whether these will provide enough cohesion with the dynaudio's when watching films.

Usage will probably be about 80% music 20% films. Think that is all the key bit's of info (sub will be sourced seperatley, but in the meantime I will use the one I have).

Thank you for any advice.

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