ideo Signal Distortion in Concealed AV Cables


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Hi All, I have a TV in my master bedroom for which I had got the AV/RCA cable concealed wiring done.i.e. AV cable running from my Living room tv wall (connected to living room tv Set Top Box because i have only one set top box in my house) to Master Bedroom tv wall long back, but since I was not watching the TV that much in my master bedroom I never connected those wires to my master bedroom TV, now in this pandemic my parents wanted to watch the TV in master bedroom so that I don't get disturbed in middle of my Office Conference calls while they watch the TV in living room so I connected the concealed av cables to the master bedroom TV, but the issue is that there is some disturbance in Video signal of the master bedroom TV and I believe its due to the concealed wiring of AV cables, I want to suppress this video disturbance some how because I can't do anything to the AV cable which is running through the wall from Living Room to Master Bedroom. Can someone suggest how I can get rid of the video signal disturbance in an cost effective way.

Otto Pylot

If the in-wall cabling was not installed in a conduit for easier access, then determining what the cause of the "video disturbance" is will be difficult. And could you elaborate on what the disturbance is? Is this a coax or an HDMI cable?

Joe Fernand

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Back to basics - list the make and model numbers of all ‘connected’ devices, what connects to what and what are the cables you have in your walls?

Some pics would be good - how are the cables terminated as they enter/exit walls etc


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