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Identity - ITV1 - Aidan Gillen and Keeley Hawes


Distinguished Member
Is it going to be a weekly thing, or one of those an episode a night over a week?

I'll probably have a look if it's on once a week, but haven't got the time or Sky+ space to watch it over a week.


Iv'e been looking forward to this since i seen it advertised What a dissapointment,no substance whatsoever, very unconvincing. I will watch episode two and hope it begins to get better.


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considering the calibre of some of the actors I thought the acting in general was woeful!

brian s

Distinguished Member
They were attempting to put the fear of God into you over identity theft. I lost interest long before the end.



Established Member
This was drama at its lowest common denominator.. Poor acting , terrible writing and hamfisted direction Keeley was bad enough but Holly Aird had so many "lets explain slowly for the viewers" type lines it became cringeworthy..

A pity as it has a good cast if they were allowed to act.. I'll watch next week to give it one more chance, see if it improves under a different director..


Prominent Member
Got around to watching this last night...

Not much to write home about so far. Was that a contained episode, or will the story continue next week?

It looks like Aiden Gillen's character is yet another tormented police officer with "issues" as was alluded to early on in the episode - seems to be a theme this year ("Luther" anyone?).

If the Metropolitan Police has so many damaged officers as is being portrayed on screen, is the capital city actually safe?

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