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I purchased my TV stand (TECHLINK Riva Sound RV100SW) in 2016, but haven't used the built in soundbar at all.
I have just purchased a new TV and plan on using the soundbar until we decorate and I can setup my new surround system.

The issue is I can't find out what power lead it is I need? The unit is no longer sold, and the company seems to have gone under.

It says "DC 16V/3750mA IN" and is a barrel style.

Is there any way to identify what power lead is required?


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You need a power supply that gives 16 volts DC at 4 Amps.
In the absence of the OEM one, I would suggest a universal type with selectable voltages and different sized tips, one of which will hopefully match yours.

Here's an example;

Sunydeal 90W Universal Laptop Charger 15V 16V 18.5V 19V 19.5V 20V 22V 24V AC Power Adapter 5V USB Charging Port Power Supply for HP Dell ASUS Toshiba Acer Lenovo SAMSUNG Sony Fujitsu and More(15 Tips): Computers & Accessories

Once you find the correct connector that fits the sound bar, make sure you get the polarity right when connecting the tip to the power lead. Your sound bar needs the centre pin of the connector to go to the positive supply terminal. Get it wrong and you will possibly damage the PSU or the sound bar.
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