Ideas or suggestions for blocky, solid cabinets most welcome


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Hello folks,

I've left the most important thing until last as usual, so everything is going to be delivered directly onto my floor in a week and a half. Can't stretch to one of chunky monkey's amazing bespoke units as yet with the budget shagged out, so i was hoping to ask if anyone could offer any thoughts in terms of makes and models for stands supporting 47" tellys.

These are the two that i've found so far, quite blocky design-wise although i do prefer the second option even though i'd have to jam an AV receiver, one front speaker (Monitor Audio BR2), a bluray player, a WD Elements Play media drive and a virgin television box in there somehow.

Alphason Open Shelf TV stand ABK1100-B - up to 55" screens, Walnut/black - Alphason Clearance Outlet

Alphason | Sona Series - Model: HES50/3-B

If anyone could recommend a brand or brands that offer options along these lines in terms of their styling (quite big and blocky), i'd be very grateful, but other than that, and stand manufacturers other than alphason would be great as i can follow up on these as well.

Many thanks!


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Thanks Paul!

i'd seen these two on your site, and i quite liked the first option, very straightforward and angular; the only thing i'm concerned about is that i need to get a receiver, front speaker, bluray player, WD drive and now virgin HD box into that mid shelf, so i've not had time to get the dimensions of each unit to check against this spec. That unit would be almost ideal with another shelf and more height - the design is pretty close to what i've been looking for.

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