Ideas on hiding cables?


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Just installed my new Panny6. It looks great and everything. However, the cable from it are dangling from the wall mount which looks bad. Any idea of hiding them?

I have thought of buying a piece of stainless steel and put all the cable behind it. Obviously the stainless steel will show but it shoudl be quite decent looking. Any idea where I can get a small piece of stainless steel or aluminium?

Putting them behind the wall is out of the question since the house is rented.

Any ideas/suggestions welcome.


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Check out the "get your plasma's out for the lads..." thread in the plasma forum...this shows some pictures where people have used metal/plastic pipes or false covers to hide cables - some of them look surprisingly good :)


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why not use some conduit and run the cables through that. If you have a dark colour paint on your walls, paint them the same colour....

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