Ideas for recording to pvr with peephole camera?


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Hi. Hope someone might have a few pointers. I've been living with a nightmare neighbour who for over 7 years has delighted in slamming the front door (immediately opposite, heavy mdf composite, communal hall area so vv loud) constantly at all hours of the day and night. Everyone hates him but won't speak up to the council so nothing gets done (UK based, council block). As a last resort i'm hoping a timestamped record with video and audio might give me something to interest the police in a nuisance or harrassment complaint. As such i've been panning about for the right setup but could do with a few tips.

I planned to get a dvr as dont want to be limited to cloud services and wouldn't need notifications etc so was looking at Sanco units and such. Problem then seems to be finding a decent camera that would replace my peephole viewer and do the following:

1. record hd or at least decent 720
2. record sound
3. Be connectable to the dvr (bnc)

Wifi isnt an option in my area as everything struggles badly even the phone so i'd be looking to hardwire everything. I've seen some cheap chinese camera's that look just like a peephole viewer but the quality doesnt seem good and no audio. Then there's all the Ring type stuff but you have to use their subscription model. I don't mind if it doesn't look just like an existing peephole viewer, in fact it might be a slight deterrent going forward if it isn't but again it needs to work with the dvr.

Pricewise i'm happy to spend a few hundred quid.. cheers.

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