Question ideas for higher-end large format 4:3 rear projection


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I've started looking around for a new projector for our office that gets used for a lot of presentations and multimedia.

Our current projector is getting a bit long in the tooth (10 years old) and we're wanting to get something better.

Couple of caveats, though. Set-up is rear projection with about 18' of available throw behind it (about 9' to a larger mirror and back to screen) and the screen is 4:3 format about 11'wide. Would like to be able to keep it that format so we don't have bars top/bottom, but not sure what's available that's native 4:3, nice and bright & excellent contrast since there's usually a fair amount of ambient light, and can fill the screen with the available throw distance.

budget is secondary at this point, I can probably sell the powers-that-be on anything within reason. Sources are usually computer or bluray via HDMI, and Quadro card on DVI


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