Ideas for DVD recorder to go with Youview?


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I have a Panasonic TX32LZD85 HD ready TV and nothing else! Not even a DVD player for the TV!
I have read about Youview and think that will give me the Freeview + and the Freeview HD channels plus a hard drive to easily record on to. Also it will have iPlayer, ITVplayer, 4OD. So all I will need is a DVD recorder that is able to record my HD tapes from my video recorder on to DVD (not fussed about blue ray as computers and portable DVD in car won't accept them) and hopefully record anything I want to keep on DVD from the hard drive of the Youview box. I'm banking on Youview, when it finally comes out, having the function to be able to record from it's harddrive to DVD.
Any suggestions for a robust DVD recorder that will do this? Want to keep it as simple as possible without loads of different machines having similar functions unused. Not bothered if it is a Panasonic - the last 2 DVD recorders have died on me just after the warantee so not impressed!
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