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Ideas for a new AMD motherboard??


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Any recommendations for a new motherboard for my aging 1100t until I upgrade my cpu to a FX? My current one is cheap and poor at OC. Thanks


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Would the Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z Motherboard be a decent buy and future proof for better cpus until I retire my 1100t?


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Woah, don't spend that amount of money on an AM3+ board. The AM3+ chipset is going to be obsolete by the end of next year as AM4 and the new AMD Zen CPUs are going to get released.

The way I see it is that you have 3 options:
1. Buy a new AM3+ motherboard, such as the Gigabyte 970A-UD3P for £60, and upgrade to an FX8320/FX8350 (£110-130) down the line. I don't recommend doing this as the single threaded performance is severely lacking compared to Intel's offerings. The only way I see you choosing this option is if your motherboard is dead and you do not want to spend much money.

2. I'm assuming you're using DDR3 RAM in your current build for this next option. Buy a good for overclocking Z97 board (~£100), see this, and pair it with a 4690k (£170) and you should be good for a few years. I would only do this if you currently have +16GB DDR3 in your current build as only then you're saving money. If it's just 8GB DDR3 or lower in you build I recommend going Skylake, which is option 3.

3. Save up some more money, get a (~£110) Z170 motherboard (if you're not overclocking H170/B150/H110 motherboard £50-80). Get the i5 6400/6500/6600 (£140-160). Cheap stick of DDR4 RAM 8GB ~£40 or 16GB ~£70. If your current 1100t build still works, and you can wait and save a bit, then this is your best option for future proofing - since you can upgrade to an i7 6700k or the Intel's next line of processors, 'Cannonlake'.

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