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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by BF1, Jan 20, 2008.

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    Would appreciate any advice on equipment for a HT system.

    Im going to be buying a 32" LCD (Samsung LE32M87) and Id like to have a decent sound system to add to it.

    Due to wife issues! having a 5.1 is out of the question due to "wires all over the place" and my living room is oddly shaped to get the ideal positioning.

    Id settle for a 2.1 but I really don`t want loads of boxes as the further I look into this the more devices I seem to want!

    So, Id like a DVD recorder with hard drive built. Now I looked at the Samsung HT-X200 2.1 which has a DVD player built in but this is not a recorder with hard drive so if I went for this I would need another DVD player.

    Then there`s the issue of Blu-Ray and HD so If I have a DVD recorder will this then need to be replaced / added to when the likes of Blu-Ray / HD become more common place?

    Can you get a Blu-Ray / HD DVD recorder with hard drive?

    Is there a good 2.1 system with all the above incorporated?


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