ideal viewing distance for different TV sizes???

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guys, try as I might to get an answer to this quesiton by 'searching' for keywords, I'm still no clearer as to:

when is a TV too big for a certain viewing distance, especially a relatively short one???

My wife and I want a TV for our bedroom and our heads will be roughly 8 FEET from the screen.

So, will a 42" screen look too big - I'm extremely worried about being able to notice slight flaws much more obviously from that distance with a 42" as opposed to a 37" or 32"???

The fact is that we are upgrading from a 20" old CRT that displays flawless pictures, even with heavily compressed copy DVDs from china. Our main TV in the living room is a JVC 26" which we view from 9 feet and that's always been great.....

very hard choice to make considering that many believe CRT picture quality to be better than plasma/LCD.

I'm leaning towards going for a 37" because when I visited my local Currys the other day and slight imperfections with picture quality were more noticeable on the Panasonic 42" PX60 than the Toshiba 37WLT66.... even a perfect factory made Return of the King showed up some flaws on the 42" when viewed from roughly 6-8 feet.

really pleading with everyone's help on this one!!


I would say go and have a look at different sets in a TV showroom and see how close you can get to the set without seeing artifacts etc.

However I did a tour of TCR in London looking at various LCD TVs and although the HD perfoemance was stunning I was most disappointed with the SD pictures. However Naim.F.C has posted SD pictures on this forum taken from The sharp 37XD1 after he has done his magic with the picture settings:

These look nothing like the rubbish displayed in the shops, so you may be able
to get a decent picture closer than you think ??.

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