ideal speaker wattage for 12ft x 15ft room !?


sound mate

HI... newbie here !! :hiya:

iv been renting a room (17ft x 20ft) in a house... & have seperates... though very dated now... only pro logic (kenwood kav3700... yep... dated !!) !! :thumbsdow

i just bought a place & the living room is 12ft x 15ft... & my current set up is to bulky for my liking... so looking for something small & neat !! :smashin:

so looking for a home cinema surround set up for SKY/PALYSTATION/DVD !! :clap:

i foolish bought the RICHER SOUNDS PANASONIC SCHT330... only to find out it does NOT do surround from external equipment... doh !! :oops:

but saying that... i am happy with their dvd surround sound... speakers seem more than loud/punchy enough... they are rated 65w each per small speakers & 75w for the sub... total output is 400w rms !! :rotfl:

so as a replacement... im looking at the ACOUSTIC SOLUTIONS DS355... seems to do what i need for external sources... but the speakers are rated 7w each per small speaker & 35w for the sub... total 70w rms... is this to low for my room... sounds like they are more suited as PC set up !? :confused:

anyone used these before in a similar sized room for MOVIES etc !? :)

anything else for this price range... upto £150... doesnt need to inc a dvd/tuner... i use my play station for dvds & sky for radio !! ;)

i know you 'hard core seperate fans' will say they are better than alll in one... but my house party days are over... & need something simple & qauint !! :D

many thanks in advance... BRIAN

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