Ideal room size for Evo 4.4 or Silver 300


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I am looking at some new floor standing speakers for my 5mx4m living room.

After doing some research and receiving some help on this forum I have narrowed down my shortlist to:
Wharfedale Evo 4.4
Monitor Audio Silver 300 7g

On paper my 70w per channel (110 into 4 ohms) Cyrus 8 amp won't drive the Silver 300s but a YouTube video posted here a while back suggests that they actually aren't difficult to drive? I'm leaning more towards the Evo 4.4 but may change my mind if the Silver 300s win out at a demo.

My question is would a Floorstander of the Evo/Silver 300 size work in a 15x12ft room? I have watched a ton of YouTube videos where people have both of these speakers in small (tiny!) spaces and very close to the wall. I've also read customer reviews from people who are using either speaker in a similar size room so I am cautiously optimistic this setup may work for me.

I am fortunate to be able to position my speakers 1m out from the wall so it's just the overall room volume that I am concerned about. There shouldn't be any issues with too much bass reinforcement or side wall reflection.
I am currently listening to Wharfedale 12.3s which are a fairly large speaker with similar bass response to the Evo and Silver 300 and I don't find the 12.3s to be overpowering in my room.

I may try and organise a home demo but would like to know your opinions in advance.

Thanks :)
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A lot will depend on the actual placement of the floorstanders in the room. Ie will they be placed near any adjacent walls etc. A picture of the room, showing proposed placement will help in this regard

Fwiw, I have the previous 6th Gen Silver 300's in a similar sized room - 4.57m x 3m. They form the front L&R as part of a 5.2.4 setup (duel music/movie use). Mine are placed on the short wall, around 30cm from the back wall. They are closer to the adjacent side walls than monitor audio recommend, but still sound superb - In both stereo and surround modes. They also come with foam bungs to plug the rear ports if needed. Personally, I don't use them and do not find the bass boomy at all.

For visual reference, here's a old photo of my front stage:


Note: The centre speaker is now higher, so the tweeter is at the same level as the 300's. Everything else is in the same position (albeit the 300's are pulled a little further away from the back wall).

Hope this helps.


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I am currently listening to Wharfedale 12.3s which are a fairly large speaker with similar bass response to the Evo and Silver 300 and I don't find the 12.3s to be overpowering in my room.
I would expect there to be a significant increase in bass from both the Evo 4.4 and MA silver 300 because both contain larger bass drivers than those in the 12.3. The difference in size of bass drivers (12.3 vs MA silver 300 and W'dale Evo 4.4) may not seem that much but in terms of bass radiating area, it is.

I have the same size and shape living room. IMO, there is a wider choice of standmounts compared with suitably sized floorstanders that would be better suited to a 20 sqm room. Floorstanders such as Dali Oberon 5, Q Acoustics Concept 40 (and W'dale 12.3) should match the room well. However, if you enjoy a heavier tone, then go large.

Whilst it's a generalisation, I'd say the house sound of Monitor Audio speakers is usually quite different in tonality to W'dales house sound. If you enjoy the 12.3 then maybe the QA Concept 40 would be a closer sonic match. A home demo is a great idea.
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I used to have the concept 40, they need plenty of space, they have a large rear firing port.

You might also consider the Mission zx floorstanders or dali opticons.


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Dont know about the evo, but I do have the 6g silver 300 in a larger room (6.5x5.5) but with a smaller listening area (around 3.5x3.5).

The room size isnt directly an issue, its more about whether you have room to place them with enough space around them so they don't end too bass heavy. I have mine with about 40cm behind them which really is still a bit bass heavy, but as I use DSP room correction, then it isnt an issue for me. Without the DSP, I would want to give them a little more space behind, probably 60cm or so and need to have them further from side walls too.

What is really nice with the silver 300 is they can reach down into sub territory and while I like quite bass heavy music and have a decent sub, I do not actually use it for music listening as with these speakers and the amp I have, there just isn't really much of a need unless the sub position projects sub bass better than the L+R speaker positions.

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