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Ideal phone… What do you want?


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Currently very happy with my phone, Nokia E71 and can’t think of anything extra features I would want.

Maybe a in-built pedometer would be handy.

What design ideas/feature would you want to see in future phones?


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I would prefer battery technology to catch up with phone technology. The phones are being marketed and sold as the only device you need but using camera, video or music player and GPS for any length of time leaves you seeking out the nearest charging point or watching the battery bars in case you need the phone for that unexpected important call.


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The current feature set suits me fine, but there are two things that seem to have gotten lost in the technology race...

Battery life.
Screen resolution.

The latter is catching up, with the likes of the iPhone, SE X1, HTC Touch HD etc giving reasonable resolutions. But compared to the rest of the tech' in phones, it's a long way behind.

Resolution is everything when it comes to making the most of the capabilities of a phone. The more you can fit on a page natively, the less fancy trickery you have to do to get a normal webpage (designed for 1024x768+) to fit on your small screen, or the more navigation detail you can use, just to mention two examples.

And battery life.... what a mess we're in. What's the point in having every feature under the sun, if you can't even go away for a long weekend without taking a mains charger with you?

The day I can go away for more than a couple of days but still browse the web, use navigation, listen to music and make a decent amount of calls without having to charge the phone again, will be a happy day :)


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My ideal phone would have:
- a 5MP camera with xenon flash (doesn't have to be more than 5MP as that's more than enough for a mobile)
- in-built GPS and software (like Nokia Maps)
- 7.2Mbps HSDPA
- Exchange email integration
- accelerometer
- touchscreen
- 4GB of storage
- 3.5mm jack
- min 3" display

Can't be too much to ask can it?
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A mobile with no built in games, no fast link to the internet or web based programs, none of the built in ring tones, none of the bloat ware that comes on most mobiles now.

Just a very good camera, screen size and resolution. And can make the odd phone call.

Till then spose the new SE C905 will do. :rolleyes:

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