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Feb 11, 2002
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I am thinking of buying Ideal-Lume video bias lights from to use is with my Pioneer plasma and I have two questions.

1. Did anybody tried it ( I remember Gordon mentioned about it some time ago ) and if yes what is the experience.

2. To minimize shipping costs from US maybe somebody willing to join me. Shipping two lamps from US is 47 USD and the lamp itself is 90.

Taking into account current exchange rate it won't be very expensive. The other question would it be necessary to pay any import taxes.

Thank you.
Or you could just get a GE Polylux XL860 tube which runs at 6,300 Kelvin and stick it in a cheap Ikea fitting...

I would have thought that 6,300K was close enough, given the effect that the rear of your plasma and wall decor might have on a true 6,500 tube anyway?

I use the 'extra warm' Polylux 2,700K tubes under my kitchen wall units for background lighting, they're only 13 watts so I leave them on 24/7. They produce a very soft warm light which makes the kitchen very cosy considering they are fluorescent.

You might want to at least try one of these Polylux 860 tubes before importing from the States, hell, you could do it this weekend!

or you could try these:
Hi Andrew:

6300K, 6500K and the spectral characteristics of D65(which is what you want) are all different. In fact it's perfectly possible to get a 6500K light output that is nice and green. I agree though that the colour of your walls will have an effect too. I've also not had a chance to try different lamps in this way. I think it's definately a go-er though.

I have just come back from a trip south where I did a pile of calibrations. One of my clients had built a plasma housing that had lights either side washing the walls and it really, really aided image quality and lessened eye strain.

I've also seen I've had an email from Alan at Ideal Lume about the UK spec lamps I've been chasing. Hopefully will have some news about availability and costs in a day or so.

That sounds a bit like good news Gordon, it would be much more convenient to purchase these Ideal Lume lamps from a UK supplier.

Thinking back to my old CRT days, I always used to have a lamp behind my TV set when it was in a corner (prior to multi-channel sound) it certainly did inprove the viewing experience.

I prefer to have low light levels in my home in the evening, being able to neutrally 'dim' the Ideal Lume lamps could well be a distinct advantage. I'll do a bit of cheapo experimenting in the meantime...
Here's a picture to give you an idea of how it looks, The effect's not so dramatic in the pics as they're taken in daylight (10 mins ago) and I left the auto-focus on :thumbsdow

The lamps used are cheap strip lights that cost about a fiver each and are independantly switched. May dim them later.

Larger images here

I may experiment with different tubes myself, but after talking to Gordon and Elliot during the calibration, I'm seriously considering a scaler as the next big thing.....

BTW, after a few days to actually settle down and watch movies on the panel, the effects of the calibration are very noticeable, much more depth and realism. Well worth waiting for :smashin:


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