Ideal gift streamer for older user - Netflix, Amazon, Youtube


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Hi folks, so many confusing views on so many streamers out there !

If I tell you the situation, maybe you folks can narrow me right down. Thanks.

A streamer for my mum ( who is also a cat ), early 80's yet very quick on uptake and copes well with tech, uses a Panasonic 1080p tv. Not interested in computers herself, so software navigation will be on the tv screen. My idea : to bring Netflix, Amazon and Youtube into her lounge tv grasp.

Dad's desktop PC in next door room, with fibre speed well good enough for HD streaming, emitted from the current BT Homehub5 router.

It seems like a no-brainer to me, that the Amazon Fire box thingy, at £79.
Or is it ?
It seems to tick the boxes of Netflix, Amazon and Youtube and is wifi. Searching seems to be dead easy, especially through the speech commandable remote.
Am I right, or is there a better option ?

As far as 4K, while the tv is of an older gen HD, it doesn't really matter that she can't utilise it, given the screen size and viewing distance involved. Besides she might get 4K tv in the future ( a bigger one ) and at least 4K capability will be there waiting.

As far as graphical and memory power to do things like games, well she's not a gamer, but the way I look at it, there surely isn't harm in having oomph to render video well, in having the Amazon box over the stick thing, and for all the forty quid difference anyway. Also, there is a grand-daughter who visits, might get the use of the gaming side of things.

So am I right ? Keep it simple; go for the obvious choice for the circumstances stated above - the Amazon Fire at £79 ? Or, should I consider other things first ?

Oh ....... just to reiterate, things will be done over wifi. It is a BT HomeHub 5 box and will be on the same ground floor, about 20 feet apart as the ghosts fly, in the next door room. Early 1960's built semi with not that solid internal wall between these rooms. How is peoples' experience with Fire wifi / BT HH5 abilities ? It has to work well wirelessly or there's no point.
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I've run a FireTV wirelessly in the past in my bedroom about 15 feet through a thick wall and other impediments. It worked well with no issue using a Virgin Superhub. Amazon make a big noise about the fact that the box has MMO dual band Wifi capability and I must admit that it worked well under that setup. There is also the Roku if you want an alternative.

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The Amazon Fire looked right, given the intended user. Thanks anyway. I did look at the Roku.

I particularly liked the easy interfacing of the Fire, including speech triggered searching.

In the absense of voices here to the contrary, coupled with limited time to mum's birthday, I just went ahead with the Fire. There may well have been an arguably better option, but I don't think you could really go wrong with the Fire. And at just £80 at that. For some more demanding users or those with particular reqiurements, there may well be more compelling reasons to buy a Roku or Nvidea, but not in my mum's case I don't think.

I think she'll be delighted to be able to call up stuff to order on the speech remote, from the likes of Netflix, rather than just make do with what broadcasters happen to put out at the time. She doesn't watch an awful lot of tv really and doesn't normally make a plan for tv time. Therefore, I think, all the more point to be able call up something she'd actually want to watch and when it suits her. I think she's going to be quite taken by Netflix and BBC I-Player. Indeed, I reckon she'll get into Youtube a bit, once I intall the app for that.

So Fire it is. I'll give it a whirl and see how she gets on with it.

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