"Ideal" 3D Capable Receiver for Kef 2005.3


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As above,

I'm looking for a good match for the Kef 2005.3 speakers. I understand that these speakers are somewhat clinical, and need to be paired with a warmer receiver, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

3D /hdmi 1.4 is a must, obviously.

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Though you didn't mention your budget and speaker configurafion, i would sugest marantz nr 1402 (5.1) or 1602 (7.1) amps. I have 1402 with kefs 2005.2 speakers and quite satisfied with the result.
The only thing is, that Marantz sounds rather neutral than warm to my ears


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I'm looking to purchase the Yamaha 671, u have the same speakers, ill let u know the outcome shortly
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