Ideal 2nd TV for XBOX360 - £180


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Just thought I would let you know about a good deal you can get for a second TV.
Sometimes when my wife watches something on TV I used to bring the 14inch CRT TV down from upstairs and played the 360 on that.
We decided to get a TV for the kitchen and went for this Venturer LCD DVD unit from Tesco:

It costs £179.97 and shows as out of stock on the website but my local store at Huntingdon and piles of them on the shop floor.
It has PC composite input,component input, scart input, PC input and a headphone socket.

Got it home and plugged it in to the 360 box using the lead that comes with the XBOX and it will happily display 1080i at 60Hz. The picture quality is excellent and well worth the money.

It also has a DVD player and if you have DVDs with 1000's of MP3's on them you put in and play the songs.

All in all a ideal second TV, lots of inputs, excellent picture and lots of features. Put that together with a cheap price tag and you have a bargain.

Hope this helps some people.



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Thanks for sharing that gr1340, shame its not widescreen lol But £180 for a kitchen tv is pretty sweet:thumbsup:


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Comet have a 17inch widescreen with DVD for £230 it that helps.

I played COD3 for about 5 hours on it for the last 2 nights and even though it isn't widescreen, it doesn't look odd at all.

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