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Looking through the threads about playing online in various games, it's fairly obvious that playing agianst total idiots is a major gripe (it's certainly why i don't bother that often).
I would say that i'd be happy to play (and more than likely lose) against anyone on the AVF forums (SS2 excepted), but that does lead to a rather unweildy friends list, so...
How about, on the dashboard, as well as the friends tab and the players tab, there is a Groups or Clan Tab, where you could join a number of groups, for example, an AVF group, and every member would be able to see each other and get a good private or ranked game going, without having to sort out friend requests on here first.
Groups could have moderators, who could approve / remove members/ idiots.

The simple questions are is this idea any good, feasable, and where do you suggest it to MS?



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great idea, I would also like to be able to add notes to each friend, a little bit like contacts in outlook, as I get older my memory just slips.


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I had thought of something similar awhile back its a fantastic idea. . I often have to say to people from not just here but other forums that I can't add them due to my friends list being so out of control. some form of grouping would be excellent addition.

another thing I have often chatted to friends about is I feel gamer profiles could be a bit more populated, for instance when you look at someones Gamer Profile you get GS, Rep, Zone (which I hate), and motto. . but what about gender? age? city? I know it gives location USA, UK etc but what about actual City?? even hobbies, stuff like that, turn your gamer profile into a mini myspace sort of thing.


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Sounds Great.

Also wish you could delete games from your played games list. Even if it means losing the gamerscore attached to them.

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One feature I would like to see would be a recently played and what the score / Level was.

Example if someone played ISS Pro 6 and won 6 - 0 then it would show that so you could avoid them!


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Nice idea. Quite a few peeps have wanted to remember why they added some one :)

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