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Hi all

Apologise my recent thread was lacking a bit of detail, so after some thought (and chat with wife) I have some ideas moving forward and some more details to make a more suitable thread to brain storm ideas (and again thanks to all the posts thats helped already)

My current setup as follows:

LG 55 inch OLED
Yamaha Receiver RX-V383
Jamo A102 5.1
HiMedia Q10 player

Pics of current lounge:


Back wall sitting position


Better view of understairs cupboard to the right that I would like to hide the AV rack and Sub


Current layout Floorplan

house plan 2 windsor walk existing HT.jpg

Would love to have

100 inch Screen
Decent Projector with good black levels (I have some flexibilty with light control with the ceiling (but not too much lol)
Dolby Atmos (5.1.2 min?)
Very discreet (hidden AV, Proj and screen - the TV even when not in use)
good soundproofing (luckily as you see from the floorplan, the lounge fairly seperated from neighbours (its semi linked detached house)

Any ideas welcome and I will follow with mock ups and badly photoshopped ideas shortly...
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So the proposed Floorplan as follows:

house plan 2 windsor walk proposed HT.jpg

1) False wall along the TV wall to hide the speakers, cables etc and recessed area for TV

2) Cupboard under the stairs to be used to contain the AV rack and possibly subwoofer, with a breathable fabric door for ventilation (is this possible?)

3) Soffit above and all round lounge to hide speaker cables, LED light strips and the projector screen (also hidden under a hinged hatch) example like this:

thumbnail_image (2).png

4) The TV wall will be fashioned like a upholstered accent wall with fabric panels (acoustically transparent for front speakers

5) Even the TV, if possible be hidden under a electric blind with a printed painting / picture on it, so when TV not in use, it's just a wall with a painting. Example:

hidden picture hide TV.jpg

6) Knock through to garage, build a hush box, and house projector, with a hidden sliding picture frame when not in use, example mock up:

hidden projector.jpg

next will be thinking about sound proofing the ceiling
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You could also achieve 100" and a really hidden screen using a Optoma or Hisense Ultra Short Throw projector that only needs 60cm or so clearence from the wall.

And a clever push-up screen that i have found designed for either UST images (with fresnel fabric) or standard projector images.

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Hey! You may want to look at CLIC furniture from Denmark.
Adding to what AmericanAudio are saying above, you can get a lovely unit that would sit under a screen / drop down screen to house your UST projector.

For example - this "Projector Drawer" is something we do very well with when a customer is looking for a discrete system such as the above.

You also mentioned subwoofers in the units / centre speakers etc. As you'll see below - you can get acoustically transparent fabric doors for these too to house units in. Be aware - you'd need a forward firing sub (something like the REL HT1003 or SVS-SB1000 Pro) in a unit. Performance can be limited - but it all depends on your willingness to make some sacrificies on behalf of aestehtics.

There are a lot of in-wall speaker options that can be discretely plastered in/painted to match too :)

Happy to help in any way - we're an AV installer/retailer by trade.

Link to the cabinet (customisable) - manufacturer site below. We're a retailer for them in the UK.


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