i'd have got away with it if it wasn't for these pesky wires!

ian dem

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:hiya: Afternoon everyone,does anyone know the best way to hide speaker wires against a skirting board?
Bearing in mind that i have not intention of chanelling the walls or removing skirting etc!!
Is there a product you can buy anywhere? there must be!!



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Bit of plastic trunking from B&Q? Or flat speaker cable stuck to the skirting?

Or can you lift the carpet slightly and push the cables under the skirting?



I use a bit of plastic trunking brought online (wanted certain size), but you can get the same thing at BQ (diff size though). Be amazed how many people fail to notice it running above the skirting board.

ian dem

Active Member
something that is not easily noticeable,possibly something that will go over door frames etc.

thanks for your sugestions up to now anyway guys,cheers!

ian dem

Active Member
Hi DucatiEVO,hope you dont mind me asking but where did you get your trunking from? I've looked everywhere but cant find anything that looks like it can do the job!!

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