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Icy Box IB-MP304S-B problems

Discussion in 'Portable Disc & Media Players & Recorders' started by topceres, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. topceres

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    Aug 22, 2009
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    Hi all, have purchased this unit a little while ago. Have put a ntfs formatted 1TB disc in it, recognizes it fine. Have put some files on it via the usb connection using a laptop. So far so good.

    The files I have put on the disc is divx/xvid. I have put them in a folder structure like this:


    and so on. Maybe 20 folders, not too much. 30 gigs maybe.

    If I go via the file menu in the Icy Box, I can access the structure and select my avi file and play it. But it does not recognize/find the subtitle file. I am guessing this only works in Movie Mode, via the Movies menu?

    And here is my first real problem: If I select Movies, Music or picture, the box just freezes - keeps searching on the harddisk or something, can hear it spinning/working. Doesnt matter if I leave it for hours, nothing happens. The only solution is to pull the power plug. Same thing in Music and picture mode (although I havent put any files of this kind on the disc yet).

    Thats my biggest problem. Anyone had same issue?

    Second issue: I have a 1080i/PAL tv connected to it via HDMI. If I select any high resolution in the setup, 720/1080 pix, then the avi files get all wrong scaled - aspect ratio goes out the window. Ok, the files are not that high res, but that shouldnt really matter? Only if I choose 480 pix resolution is the right aspect ratio retained.... grrrrr :)

    The manual, btw., is rather useless and only helps with the most basic things.

    Any help ... pleeeease? It would be greatly appreciated :)

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