Icons on Sagem 150x


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My Dad has a Sagem 150x. There is an icon on it that is not mentioned in the manual. He describes it as "It looks like an open door in a door frame with 2 curved lines outside."
It's not always there. Does anyone have any ideas please.


I have the same symbol on my phone and searching interenet and instruction sheet drew a complete blank. By trying various things I now know this open-door with two curves means someone has left a voicemail message on the phone server.

To clear it go to Messages / Voicemail and listen to the message/s. When all have been dealt with the symbol will disappear.

I presume your father got the phone to keep in touch when away from his home, just like me. However he is probably just like me in that we use the device as a phone and not a general use communication device.


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