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Dec 8, 2005
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I have an External USB Drive connected To my Network Via an upstairs PC,which I have stored my Photos from a recent to Disneyworld. I have the photos organised into a Directory called Photo`s/Orlando 06 and then into Folders for the Various Parks,ie Magic Kingdom,MGM,Epcot etc.
I have created Icons for each of the parks (the Icons are the Logos for each of the Parks..See Attached).
But When I select the Orlando06 Directory on any other machine on the Network The Icons appear as the normal Folder icon and not the logo icons. Is there a way around this
I have set the Whole of the External Drive to Shared with Full Access


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Where are you storing the *.ico files? The machine might need to pull them locally instead of over the network.
I`ve copied the *.ico files to the local PC. But if I right click on the folder that I want to change the Icon for, Then click on the customize Tab,there is no option to change the icon- Only to change the Folder picture
Save your icons as folder.jpg and see if that works.

Thanks pixelpixel
Still no joy
I does not give me an option on the icon that I want to change the icon for to customize the icon
The icons I want to change are on another PC (Or to be exact a external USB drive attached to another PC on the Network)
If I try to change a Icon on the Local PC - It`s No Problem I get the Option to Change Icon in the Customize TAB
I have saved the icon as a jpg. and tried that on the Local PC, but it reuses to load it,as it is not a icon file
you need an image called folder.jpg inside the folder itself.

So put the disney world folder.jpg in the Disney World folder

it works, you don't need to change anything :)

If you insist on creating icons then grab a copy of MicroAngelo, it will convert jpg's to icons for you

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