iCloud login issues

Jamesie M

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Guys, a bit stuck...

I always had an apple ID since my first iPod that was a @gmail account and I use this for iTunes purchases etc.

3 years ago I set up a mobile me account and used this as my own business email and had a @me.com email address, online storage and could share files with idisk.

I migrated to icloud and everything was fine until yesterday when icloud asked for more login details and reset my passwords. I now somehow have my icloud login address as my @gmail.com (my actual apple ID for purchases etc) and I can't get into my @me account. It keeps saying I have to set one up from IOS or OSX and then it says that [email protected] is already taken.

Anyone got any ideas how I link my @me.com email (and work etc) back into my apple ID? I've got myself into a right mess....I just want into my @me.com mail!
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