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Hi all

I have a iPhone and I use iCloud for my contacts do its stored on iCloud so that I can sync it to my other devices to.

The question is are your contacts still stored on your phone ? I know there is three options in my contacts Groups tab

1 iCloud contacts
2 on the phone contacts
3 all contacts

So option one is on iCloud. Option 2 is on the iPhone but does this mean on the sim card or on the phone ? and option 3 means option 1 and 2.

It's just what happens if iCloud went down can u still access your contacts.

And another thing how have I got a group tab for my. Ontacts my wife's iPhone I am sure there is no group contacts tab on hers ?

Cheers for any help or input on this


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There is a copy stored on you phone, they don't disappear when there is no network available for example. However whats supposed to happen is that if you edit the contacts during a period when there is no network available, it should then re sync next time the network is available. However I've known icloud contacts to sometimes not be updated leaving some contacts in the 'on the phone' sub group but not in icloud contacts.

Personally, I've found gmail seems to be better at handling this as it has never done that to me.

The groups contact may only appear if you have created any groups, I think. No groups created yet means no button.


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Hi there

cheers for the help

i do have a ipad and it seems to always sync my contacts never had any probs there

but how do you diable the group contacts ? as i dont even use them as i just have all my contacts on icloud. I dont even use groups ?


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