icloud backup for iphone - confused

Steve Kelly

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Hi folks,

I have a work iphone 5, getting swapped next week for a 6.
I've never used icloud backup before so I gave it a whirl and am confused by the results.
On the phone itself I tidied up my phone/apps/photos etc so that it's currently showing as 4.8Gb used.
I then performed the icloud backup (for the first time).
And then 2 things are confusing me:

1) on the iphone itself it shows that the backup size was only 759Mb (rightly or wrongly i was expecting this backup size to be the same/thereabouts as my 'used storage' amount).

2) I logged into icloud on my pc and there's barely anything on it. Can't see any apps. Looked at my Contacts and it looks to be an old version of my contact list (lots of contacts missing compared to my phone contact list)

Am I doing something wrong? or is the icloud backup not what I'm expecting it to be (i.e. a full back up of the phone).



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In Settings > iCloud check what you have turned on to sync. It won't sync apps, it's only really for contacts, mail, photos. The actual content.


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Yeah it doesn't backup the apps as such, just a bit of code to say it's there with the save data for those apps.
As long as you do a backup then install that same backup on setting up of the new phone then you will have everything exactly as you had it before.

Steve Kelly

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Thanks guys. Understand with the apps thing now, cheers.
I had installed itunes in the meantime, did a backup, and the apps were not showing in the app panel when my phone is plugged in either. I'm sure all will be fine though.

The 'contacts showing in old list in icloud' bit was odd, tried a few different things to sync them but they didn't work, so I just wiped them all from icloud and then imported the up-to-date list from a vcf file.

ta much.

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