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hi, i am looking to install a head unit, 2 front speakers, 2 rear parcel shelf 6x9 speakers, and subwoofer. please can somebody advise me on what are good speaker manufacturers, i quite like infinity but are unsure of their quality. also will i need a 4 channel amp, or will they run off head unit? please help!


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Depends how much you want to spend, you could run the speakers from your headunit if you wished, but using an amp will work much better. The sub will need an amp. You would be better off with just front components and a sub, forget about the 6x9's.

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sjj84 said:
You would be better off with just front components and a sub, forget about the 6x9's.
Definately sage advise:thumbsup: ... i have to agree 6x9's (chav speaker of choice) are crap, lots of noise, but nothing else!!

Just make sure you get good quality equipment and don't go crazy on the amount of speakers... this is definately a case of quality, not quantity!!


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If you can afford the extra cash, definitely run the components via a separate amp. I have tried both options (head unit and separate amp) with my infinity reference components and the difference in sound quality is unbelievable (Don't get me wrong you can successfully run these off the head unit but depending on how audiophilic you are, once start turning up the volume the sound quality may offend you (as it did me)).
As sjj84 mentioned, you will need an amp for the sub (power dependant on which sub you get)
As for being better off with just front components I agree this works just fine for the front passengers but people in the rear may find the bass overpowering as they are basically sitting on the subwoofer (that's if you care what they can hear).
Also, if you don't already have 6x9's in the rear that you are looking to swap, there is no rule that says you cannot put a regular component speaker (or even just a tweeter) in the rear.
When choosing an amp pay attention to the brand, number of channels as well as the power in RMS.
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