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ICE overhaul

Discussion in 'ICE, Sat Navs & Dash Cams Forum' started by Stretchie_, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. Stretchie_

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    Feb 10, 2005
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    I originally wasn't going to amp this car up with it being a saloon (99 Honda Accord) but what the hell.

    I was thinking...I want to put in a decent head unit (MiniDisk about 4x 50w), some new speakers, seperate mids and tweeters and maybe a sub on either side of the boot ;)

    NOW... I am no longer 18 and driving round with my windows slightly down so people can hear me. I want a well balanced system which will give me sharp sounds and crisp bass even when on quite low and then occasionally turn it up when on a summer blast with mates :D .

    I was thinking of a small sub on either side of the boot maybe only 8" or even 10", reason being I would like to make a custom box(s) myself from GRP (glass re-inforced plastic) or fibre glass, (if any one knows where I can get the stuff please let me know) for either side of the boot that I can put a panel and a fan in specifically for the amp(s) so that I have two unobtrusive, but good looking Subs instead of a great big dirty thing in the middle at the back of the boot like I have had in the past. Am also playing with the idea of putting a decent size hole, or maybe two smaller holes in the back parcel shelf and covering them with some kind of grille, so that the bass has someway of coming into the car itself remember this is a saloon.

    In the back I was going to put some decent componants and maybe figure out someway of putting some tweeters in the surround of the rear doors ahead of the rear seats but pointing back at the rear passengers for better sound (I hope).

    The front however is different. I wanted to put some bigger than normal speakers in the doors. Can you get 6" subs?? I just want to try and balance with some bass at the front instead of the rear passengers getting it all. Failing that I'll do the same in the front as in the back, I'm not going to have crap speakers so it should be ok.

    Now I can put the amp in for the subs, and figure out putting in a second for the speakers themselves. Do you think I should get 2x 4 channel amps and have the rear speakers and one of the subs on one amp and the fronts and the other sub on the other amp, or just get one amp for the two subs and the other for the speakers??

    Sorry to be going on, nearly done now.. Will this all kill the battery or do I have to start learning about capaciters and second alternators and batteries..

    ALL help is GREATLY appreciated. One last thing, ths is planned as a project for me to do, to keep me out of trouble during the summer, so it is I that will be taking my seats out and pulling the carpet up.. And trying to find out how to get the power cables from the bonnet to the boot, cannot for the life of me remember how I did it on my last two cars.

  2. Trevk


    Mar 23, 2003
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    So your planning alot then?

    Well to start with, yes you can get 6" subs from the likes of JL Audio, these are well made. If you are planning to put these in the front doors, then some serious sound deadening will be required to kill resonance and rattles due to the higher sub frequencies. A couple of other possibilities may be to go for a 3 way component set, where you would put the 6" midbass in the doors, and the midrange (normally 4") also in the doors, or in cusotm pods in the kickwells. The tweeters can be install in either the doors, the kicks or try the A pillar, so as to keep the soundstage at dash level ad above. Or get a decent set of 2 way components with the mids in the doors and tweets in one of the locations mentioned above.

    Which speakers? Well there are lots of options. With you being on an AV site you will know about tonality and the sound you want. Try brands like DLS, the reference series are good value and smooth sounding, also Genesis who's Audiofile range will do wonders for your front stage,smooth detailed, laid back. Also look at a brand called Focal.

    If wouldn't bother about the rear passenger speakers as yet or at all, the main focus will be in the front where you site. And where you will get the best quality.

    Amps,well yes 2 x 4ch amps will do the job. One to run the front components and rear speakers all passive if you like. And the other and the other bridged (running as a two ch amp but producing more power in bridged mode - dependant on amp) for the subs. Or a few of other possibilities:
    1:One 4ch for the fronts (passive) and bridge the remaining channels for the sub (if you have only 1)

    2:One 5ch amp to run the whole lot, fronts, rears and sub. My Soundstream ref 405 does that well (but I bridged all channels and used as a 3 way, and then ran the system active using all channels with an off board crossover).

    3:One 4ch to run the fronts active (but depending on amp you'll need an off board crossover for better setup) and a mono for the sub/s.

    Subs: Yes you can get 8" subs, from the likes of JL Audio, Resonant Engenering, Crystal, and Diamond Audio. No doubt there are some other manufactures. All have had good reports and are popular for having an effective SQ system and still have space left in your car. A 10" is also a good bet but may need a slightly larger enclosure.

    If I were you I would upgrade the standard battery to get the best out of your system (reducing/stopping 'browning out' of the unit lcd and car lights etc). You could look into a power capacitor, especially if running a couple of subs, as they help reduce the strain on the main battery. Its said that the big 3 should be changed, thats the Alternator, the battery and I think the main earthing point should be changed, but I would say this would be more profitable for a larger bass system.

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