ICC Super Series

Ian J

What surprised me most of all about the first ODI in this series was the lack of spectators at Melbourne. Cricket is Australia's national sport and the season is being kicked off with a series that pits their national team against the cream of the world's players, yet the stadium was only one third full.

This is a team that includes the exciting batting talents of Virender Sehwag, Shahid Afridi and Brian Lara as well as our own Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen plus the bowling of Shoaib Akhtar and Muttiah Muralitharan amongst others. I'm sure that if the equivalent type of match was held in England the grounds would be jam packed.

Ian J

I think I ought to go back and edit my post. looks like the canny Australians knew that the cream of the world's best players weren't up to giving the Aussies a decent game so stayed at home to watch Neighbours instead

Harry T2

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I think ticket pricing had a lot to do with it. AUD125 for an adult is more than many families can afford. Plus it was shown live on free to air TV into Melbourne.

And Neighbours was on during the break, so that wasn't the reason :cool:

Ian J

I didn't realise that the tickets were that expensive and it's a shame that pricing wasn't a bit more sensible.

I was rather amused that just as Andrew Flintoff was about to commence bowling the last over over the commentators anounced that Channel 9 would be breaking for the news but that they would be back in time for the commencement of the run chase. :D


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I can't get into this at the moment, it feels like a friendly.

I'd prefer it as well if Freddy was at home with his feet up resting.


Senior Moderator
Sorry can't resist....

England win something then won't win again for the next 100 years
See football. Signs looks ominous for Rugby, and I'm sure Cricket will fall in line too.


Distinguished Member
I still can't get into this at all, it looks like neither can the internationals and I suspect that the Aussies wouldn't be too bothered either had they not have something to prove having just lost the Ashes.

I hope this isn't going to be an annual affair!

Still it was funny to see Ponting throw his toys out the pram again and actually question the umpires right to refer an LBW decision to the third umpire!

Ian J

The idea was first mooted at a time when Australia seemed unbeatable and someone had the bright idea that perhaps the cream of the wor;s players could provide the mighty Aussies with a decent game.

Unfortunately since then we have shown the world that the Australians aren't quite as invincible as they would like everyone to believe and since then then the series lost what little appeal it may have had as anything but a series of exhibition matches.

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