Ican 2851T Freeview HD .... Lost on screen display


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Hi, gf bought the ican because it matched the Samsung tv in our bedroom - gloss white.... Now twice in as many weeks in a sleepy state I have hit the Disp button, located near button 3 when she wants to watch Daybreak in the mornings on itv. We then lose all on screen displays , menus etc and nearly all remote on control functions.... The first unit was exchanged as I couldn't fathom out a reset and now the new unit has lasted just 1 day... Any ideas on how i can reset without any menu options or I will get a refund ... Seems crazy that resolution button causes such mayhem so early in the morning.
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Two questions:
1.How is the iCan connected to your TV?
HDMI,or Scart cable?
2.What is the maximum resolution your TV can display?

If the connection is by Scart cable,then the maximum resolution displayable is 576i.
Pressing the display button will move the resolution to greater than 576i and you will lose all on screen graphics.
As advised on page 5 of the Quick Start guide,continuing to press the display button will scroll through the resolution settings until 576i is reached,and an on screen image will be restored.
If the connection is by HDMI cable,and your TV is not full 1080p,then again,by pressing the display button,you have moved to a resolution higher than the TV can display.
Once again,keep pressing the display button until an on screen image is restored.
If your TV is full 1080p,and you can not restore an on screen image by pressing the display button,then you have a faulty receiver.


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I think they maybe already connected by scart.

essexdan, can you confirm how you are connected to the TV, scart or hdmi?

I take it the tv picture is displayed but just the on screen graphics are not?

If you are connected via scart that would make sense as the on screen display is only shown when the resolution of the device is set to 576i. If you hit DISP so resolution becomes 720p then you lose the on screen display.

The DISP button causes the resolution to cycle through all the available options, can't remember exactly what they are, but lets say they are:

567i - 720p - 1080i -1080p

Pressing DISP set resolution to 720p

Press DISP again and resolution becomes 1080i

and so on

So in case where 576i is set for scart output and you accidentally hit DISP to change resolution to 720p, simple press DISP 3 times to cycle around the options until you are back to 576i.

[EDIT]I see now SATM has also replied, didn't mean to replicate as I started posting before your appeared but needed to download manual then got distracted by work.
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All done gentlemen ... Completed by pressing the DISP button in sequences of 2 .... Once for the menu albeit not visible to me and once to move along the options.Should I try and turn over to ITV in my sleepy state and do the same at least I know what to do ... Shame they didn't move the button towards bottom of keypad out of harms way.... Thanks very much for your help.

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