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IBM To Produce for All Systems

Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by betamac, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. betamac


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    "IBM has announced it will also be supplying the processor technology for Nintendo's next games system. IBM is now involved in chip design for all three next-generation consoles.

    Sony earlier this year confirmed that IBM-developed product will make it into Sony's Playstation 3.

    This month Microsoft signed IBM to produce the chip that will be used to power Xbox 2.

    And now IBM announced it made with Nintendo. IBM also developed the chip for the GameCube, a PowerPC 400 series based processor codenamed 'Gekko'. The choice therefore didn't suprise us.

    IBM demonstrated a supercomputer capable of performing 2 trillion operations per second, which it claimed was based on a variation of its PowerPC technology which will be rolled out in Nintendo's forthcoming hardware.

    This confirms what many had already speculated some weeks ago: the core technologies for Nintendo's next console will be almost identical to the successor of Microsoft's Xbox."

    Interesting news, especially as ATI are making the GFX chip for both XBOX2 and Gamecube2 we may have a situation where both consoles are very simular spec and we wont have all the rubbish ranting about what console is more powerful, people should be talking about games not about the power of a console.

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