IBM Thinkpad problems..


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Hello folks,

I flashed my thinkpad 570E bios last week and now it won't power up at all, it appeared to have finished and reset, it had shut itself down, so I waited a few minutes and then fired it up but I get nothing.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do?, is there a hard reset I can do or anything at all?


PS. I work in IT so you can be as tecki as you like.


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Mods, can you move this to general - I might have more chance of some input.
bad news - unless your laptops motherboard supports dual bios - ie haveing a back up bios and some do ( which is probably not likely ), you have fried your system.
You need an operational bios to be able to access the system at all - with out it the only fix is to replace the bios chip.
You may be lucky and find the bios chip is a plug in packaged chip - if so you can try and source a new one and replace it .... but its more likely to be solderd. The most likely option is a motherboard swap out - if you don't have a warranty on it then this may be costly.
If it does have a warranty of some sort - don't let on that you flashed it - just say it stopped working and let them fix it.
Sorry I could not be any more help


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I'm starting to think that myself, I removed everything from the machine and booted it and it's still not coming up with anything.

Good job it's a works machine.

Thanks though.

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