Iaudio X5 vs new apple video player?


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1) what's better, the iaudio x5 or the new apple music video player just released? and I know a lot of people hate apple, but can u give me maybe 1 or 2 reasons with your response here, thanx. -and- Which has better video features?

2) What is the difference (besides price) between the iadio x5 and the iaudio x5L?

3) Will the iaudio x5/x5L be ok for working out, ie jogging and skipping rope? I hear flash drives are better for this but I REALLY like the features of the iaudio.

4)Does the iaudio have a built in mic for interviews etc. or do I have to buy an accessory?


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Can't tell you whether the new pod is good, until 1st units are bought next week and reviewed!

But we DO know that Apple's new pods DON'T do rewind/fast forward.

But the X5's screen is crapper

X5L just means longer batt - standard is 14 hrs, 'L' means 35 hrs

Flash drives are better for gym, as they have no moving parts, but are limited in capacity, at the moment to Nano 4gb
While you can jog with HD players, they will have the risk of skipping, although they'd only be damaged if dropped and damaged that way


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You can't really ask a question like that, there is no answer, or at least the answer you would get would only apply to that respondant and you would just get a different answer from someone else.

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