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IAG Service


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Has anybody had a not so great experience with IAG service? For me it took 6 weeks to get an estimate and then 5 weeks after approving the service for them to fix the problems..... Got it back today, opened the box - tried to open the cd cover (which was the original problem and why I sent it back), and it still doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: Even worse I parted with over £300 for this 'service'.......

Can anybody give me an escalation email or telephone number? Thanks.


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I thought Audio Cellar was the de facto standard Tag McLaren Audio service stop.

A dig through the archives of this forum would have given you a strong indication of what you were likely to face with IAG.

From the outset, we saw that they were not very good.


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Do you think the poor service is because they are flooded with the new items going wrong. It seems its weeks before they even get to look at an item let alone repair it Wasnt like that in the old audiolab days was it


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Do you want a good example of the poor quality of IAG service?

Here is my own story.

I sent a mail to IAG June 9, requesting the serial licence and firmware 4.1 for an AV32R-DP. Stuff lost after an flash EEPROM exchange. In my message, I explained all this and furnished AV32R-DP serial number and others informations.

June 11, I received a short message from IAG with just this short sentence "Please find enclosed the file". That all. Nothing was enclosed with the message...

I answered back the same day saying that nothing was enclosed to the mail.

June 17, I send back a new message to IAG requesting to have an answer to my request.

June 18, I finally received a message from IAG... With a link to upload the AV192 firmware.

They are so ridiculous.
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My Av32r 192 is there now being repaired.

The shop who is looking after it mailed them twice to tell them to proced with the quote. Nothing.
Two weeks later the shop was mailed requesting an update and the shop manager advised of the two mails and the IAG rep was a little embarressed at th poor service.

One of thier bigest issues is they have no systems or processes for managing thier work and as such arse and welbow dont talk.

I hope its back soon and working fine as its now been two weeks since the mail exchange but othing else.

Long story but it was already with IAG or I would have set it to Kevin as I have done in the passed.

I hope they are not trying to make the repair side profitable as its a joke as a business on its own and has put me of any IAG products so I will stick with what I have and Audio Cellar in future.



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Well im getting it back tomorrow. But only after they told me when i rang friday they didnt even have it i gave them the details of who signed and when and they said they would ring me back later but i got no call so stressed all weekend . They rang me monday said they had it and have now repaired it and loaded vo 50 whatever that is. So hopefully all is ok now.Sounds like it was something to do with the hdme imput Like i said it did sound great even with its dodgy paint job. Will update when it gets here


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It's hard work deciphering your posts sometimes, rovert - I wish you'd proof read first :lesson:.

It sounds like they have updated the HDMI firmware, which can only be done by IAG, unlike the main unit firmware which can be upgraded by the end user. I think 0.43 was the most recent HDMI firmware, so, again, it sounds like there is a newer version now, 0.50.


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Been told mine is being repaired this week and being soak tested and will have her next week....really cant wait...have missed Radio 2 and films....large part of my life missing :(

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