Question i7 8th Gen vs i5 10th Gen


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There are a couple of laptops I have seen, where the spec is pretty similar with the exception being the processor.
This has an i7 8th gen

And this an i5 10th gen

This also has optane? whatever that is.

Anyway I am quite a casual user but plan on using this for normal web browsing, playing Football Manager, watching/streaming movies, and some light photo editing.

So which woud you go for?


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Optane is Intel's branding for the products from a joint Intel-Micron joint venture to create a new type of storage to replaced NAND flash used in SSDs.

In this case, it's a 16GB optane drive acting as a high speed cache for the SSD. The reviews I've seen on that sort of setup suggest it doesn't make much difference

The CPUs are very similar too, being essentially the same CPU but with the 10210U supporting a couple of side features like Low Power DDR4 memory which might help improve battery life a little compared to normal DDR4.

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