i5 Vs i7: which is best for me?


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I'm thinking of buying a Chillblast PC but am uncertain which CPU to go for. The i5 or the i7.

I want to use the PC for light gaming (Last years titles, on a single screen, no 3D), but my main use would be editing large multi layer images in Photoshop, vector imaging, and rendering 3D images in Daz Studio 4 Advanced, using ray tracing, advanced shadows and shading, and multiple light sources.

Would I gain any advantage from the hyperthreading, etc, on an i7, can Daz Studio 4 even make use of these features? Or would it be better to go for a beefier i5?

Which CPU is best for me?

I'm not looking to overclock.


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The current version of Daz Studio 4.5 specifically recommends an i7 so I'd assume it supports 8 threads and adobe suggest 6 cores is the sweet spot for photoshop: Optimize performance | Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6

I think you'd probably see a speed increase. Whether it's worth it depends on how much it increases the cost of the system and how keen you are for something as fast as possible.

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