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I32+Fazon F5: Media streamer and DAC?


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I've been looking hard and long for a setup that I think will suit me best (have yet to hear it connected together, but have heard the individual parts separately) and now I only need the last missing pieces.

I have more or less settled on a Primare I32 integrated amplifier (have found one used without the MM32 module for a reasonable price, roughly £1600) and a pair of Dali Fazon F5 speakers (at about £2000, a dealer demo in pristine condition).

I have a Synology NAS on which I have a boatload of ripped FLACs from my CD collection, and I have also ripped about 50 DVD's to MKV.
What I am looking for is recommendations on a good media streamer and DAC (if the streamer does not have one).

I'm completely blank on suggestions for this last link.

Off the top of my head, I've seen the following suggestions:

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of options here - what about the Logitech SqueezeBox sets, they are discontinued but I guess it should be possible to find them used? Any other suggestions?

I am looking for something that sounds great, but doesn't cost more than about £600-700.
Spotify is almost a must-have, AirPlay is nice-to-have, gapless not important - but nice.

I understand that streamers and DACs have improved greatly over the last few years.

I'm good with computers and software, so partly home-brewed or tedious setups does not scare me off, but ease of use in a daily setting is very important.



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For music, Logitech media server on the NAS plus an 2nd hand O2 joggler running squeezeos & optional wilberforce EDO plugin (up to 24/96 over USB, plus AirPlay, for around £35), plus the async usb Dac of your choice, all controlled via a huge range of smart device apps (from free to £10).

The quality will be controlled by the DAC. MF VDAC II or Audiolab MDAC both work superbly.

I don't stream video so can't help with that.


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Should have said - this give easy to use gapless playback esp with iPeng or Squeezepad. Also look at VortexBox as a player as well as NAS.

Spotify and iPlayer also work well with LMS.

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