I won't be buying anymore DVD's for a long time.


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Well the wife has finally got her way and we're moving. I put it off for as long as possible but the time has finally come.

So thats me skint for the immediate future. No more DVD's for a while (except those I've pre-ordered like FOTR extended version with funky bookends R1 & AOTC R1).


Buy something nice and tell me if you enjoyed it!!!!


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Major Bummer.:( There is alway the video shop it's not the same but better than nowt.:)

Squirrel God

I have one foot in the same boat as you Xusia in that I've had to cut down quite a bit on my DVD purchases because I want to buy a car (passed my test recently). So I can sympathise!

Ian J

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Originally posted by Xusia Of Delos
Buy something nice and tell me if you enjoyed it!!!!

Just to console you - I bought The One and it was rubbish but there again most people seem to know that already :D

Rambo John J

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You can talk your way out of this one by telling your wife that now is not the time to be gambling with the prospect of negative equity 10 years down the line.
If you move to a bigger house it usually means one thing.....more kids:eek: (I've heard it's the lady's way of "sneaking them in the backdoor")

Rather you than me Xusia;)
Especially with them house prices in the big smoke:eek: :eek:

Rambo John J

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I wouldn't know about that. Don't do much sneaking when you're the human tripod. The "wind tunnel" effect on the face is quite funny to see though.

Or something.


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Originally posted by buns


was that a deliberate phoenetic double-en-tend? :rolleyes:


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Things always cone out funniest when i dont intend it! I think that almost qualifies as another one!

the badger

Here are some ways to generate some cash for dvd s
1) Have a car boot sale or market stall- you will need to get rid of junk when you move and believe me people will pay money at these events for stuff you think nobody would want in a million years. Agree with your wife that some of the money will go on slap up meal to celebrate moving and what is left over can go on personal spending.
2) Sell c.d.s and dvd.s which you don't want through Amazon. They collect the money for you and pay the postage. We have friends who actually buy stuff in shop sales to resell on Amazon.
3) Get rid of all the videotapes you never watch anymore - either through methods 1 and 2 above or by selling them to the Video Vault. They will only give you about a pound a tape but they arrange to have them uplifted for you so there is no hassle.

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