I Wish - Stargate Franchise Would Return


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I still rewatch SG-1 and the equally excellent Atlantis at least twice a year for some great chracters and moments that you can cheer at. Great casting and scripts in both. Universe was disappointing as there was too much dialogue and relationships stuff. Or at least thats my memory of it. It fizzled out as the ratings nose dived and there were no likeable characters, IMO, unlike SG-1 and Atlantis. Great idea and some good episodes despite that but it felt like a massive missed opportunity to open ideas and possibilities. Like to see another Atlantis being found with different challenges and characters of course or something to expand on Universe.

Great franchise and it deserves another go


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Yep it's a good one I do a rewatch every once in a while, twice a year is impressive, would probably take me a whole year to watch both.

Brad Wright has been hinting that something is in the works or at the very least MGM are talking to him about it.

Unfortunately MGM has fallen on hard times and it's management teams have run it into the ground and recently put it self up for sale which would mean no new Stargate in the short term.

I would guess it will be one of the streaming companies that pick it up, heck if I had some rich mates I would do a whip around 5 billion USD sound like a bargain for one of the oldest studios in town.


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Oh wow, I'd chip in for that. One of the true great studios that made some of the very best TV shows and films ever.
I tend to watch an epsiode or two of the one I watch, currently Atlantis, in later afternoon during the various lockdowns so my intake has increased because of Covid. I have 3 series I have on a go to list. Atlantis, SG-1 and Star Trek Voyager. I dont plan it but it's just I hanker to watch some well told SciFi adventures that aren't heavy or too dark. And those are my go to shows.Throw in Star Trek Generation from time to time but I can dip in and out of that.
I wonder why some stuff you can watch time and time again and still enjoy it ? I must have watched The Bourne Series of films a half a dozen times, The Sting, Zulu, National Lampoons Madhouse, The Goonies, Saving private Ryan and a few others for films. Comfort viewing I suppose

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