I went from a 77'' OLED... to Projection.. a bit of an essay...


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Hi all,

This is a really interesting thread and so would like to pick your brains.

We're about to move house and the living room is absolutely huge. I'm finally wondering about having a projector and screen put up after years of not being able to.

However, I am wondering if it is possible to do this alongside my OLED which I use for gaming and day to day viewing. So, it would mean having a screen that could be pulled down in front of the OLED.

Is such a thing possible and if so, what kind of budget should I be looking at? As the larger screen would be an added bonus to my hobby rather than the be all and end all, I wouldn't be looking for the absolute best (though 4K is a must.)

With thanks.
I did this. I had an electronic projector screen which came down OVER the OLEd.

Budget is as high as you want it to be. You can rock a DLP projector and a 55'' OLED, a 77'' OLEd and a 9400 or a JVC NX7 and a 83'' OLED lol.


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I did this. I had an electronic projector screen which came down OVER the OLEd.

Budget is as high as you want it to be. You can rock a DLP projector and a 55'' OLED, a 77'' OLEd and a 9400 or a JVC NX7 and a 83'' OLED lol.

I've already got the OLED so trying to get a rough idea of costs for projector and screen. As I say, not looking for the world's greatest!


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Hey, yes, a projection screen that hangs in front of your flat-screen TV is totally possible. It’s what I’m planning to do when my N7 arrives (still waiting...).

You need to carefully plan the size and positioning of both though, and figure out where your front L C & R speakers should be so that they work for both the TV and the projection screen (assuming you want to use your audio system with the TV as well as the projector).

well worth drawing a floor plan to scale on your computer to get viewing distance and screen size right, and also draw an elevation so you can visualise and tweak the positions of everything on the wall, before you start ordering and installing.

A pull-down or motorised screen is unlikely to be an acoustically transparent one - plus it’s possible that you would see the outline of the TV behind the screen with an AT screen - so your speakers can’t end up behind the screen, they need to be set a little wider apart than the screen width, and the centre will almost certainly need to be below the bottom edge of the screen.

I’m actually going to make a DIY fixed screen which I can hang from steel wires in front of my TV when I need it. Not the most convenient but a) I want a scope ratio screen with adjustable side masking which is a lot easier with a rigid framed screen, and b) it’s temporary - I’m moving somewhere bigger in about a year, which means I can have a bigger screen, so I will have to start over. No point spending thousands on a sophisticated motorised screen then having to ditch it.

4K projection on a budget almost always points to the Epson 9400... Though the concept of “budget” is somewhat relative.



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I have this. A 92" diagonal electric screen that drops down in front of my LCD TV. I think it's the only way to go and have had this setup for five years now, having had a smaller manual pull-down screen with an LCD projector before that. Definitely don't get a manual screen, as mine gave me lots of trouble ever more when it slipped out of my hand and flew upwards at a rate of knots, slamming into it's box above!

I would have to disagree with the previous poster as the 9400 is an LCD PJ, which I had an LCD years before and now believe that DLP is the only way to go. (Can't speak for any other technology like SXRD etc). I think LCD has improved over the years, but I'll never get another one!

Benq (amongst others) do some rather nice, cinematic DLP images, although they do make quite a bit of noise (as do all PJ's at the lower end of your budget). You would have to spend a small fortune on a TV, to equal the size of a decently priced projection system and even then, a TV, no matter how big, will never equal the filmic presentation and looks that only a projector can give you.

It's easy to fit speakers (or a soundbar) to the room, which work equally as good for TV and PJ.

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