i was on a schools Tech TV program when young, track it down?


Hi guys.

anyone know how to track down old schools educational videos?

im talking about 25 years ago i was on some schools TV program as our school was a leading tech centre (junior school) at the time, we had various companies coming in to get us to demo schools tech. i had designed some i/o stuff with a BBC micro and made my own tilt switches etc that was used to control Technics Lego. back then i was supposed to be some super techie (compared to my peers) but then moved to senior school and didnt even get IT taught to us! so i let it slip and dropped IT for 15 years... bah!

i would love to see myself from all those years ago... anyone know how to track them down?

school was cherry willingham primary school near lincoln, it would have been around the mid 80s. i have no idea where to start.... :(


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You could try contacting the school they may have, or at least know what the show was that would help you track it down?


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Hi Liam,

You'd need to go back to the channel the show was broadcast on, then locate the copyright holder of the show, and then find out if they still have the material available.

Sadly, you're going to struggle. Finding the copyright holder, let alone the actual programme material itself, is going to be a logistical nightmare, wrapped-up in endless red-tape. :(

I think you will find it very difficult, but I wish you the best of luck! :)



yeah. thought it would be a pain. oh well. i would love to see the video again.

oddly the also got my best mate in and 2 random girls to make it look like it was a joint effort, when i had done all the work.... a bit like john terry CL photos :)

Duncan G

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Ask the local paper as they might have covered the filming.

Ask on Friends reunited for ex pupils who remember the filming.


i cant see it. they were in quite regularly over a year so i doubt the press would have covered it much.

i was one of the first school kids to have a go on those weird turtle robot things. its my claim to <not a lot of> fame :)

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