I want to have a central storage for my entertainment center, a NAS. can you guide me




i have a hitachi 42'' plasma, with popcorn hour, appletv, a custom pc build by myself, harmon kardon sound system, a panasonic DVR, with internal 400GB hard disk, and my vaio laptop.

now, since i got my popcorn hour, i found out that i need a central place to store my multimedia files, movies, videos, music...where i can access them from my popcorn hour, laptop,...etc

basically, i need a NAS, i need something with very high capacity of HDD....2-4 TB of space...

anything that you recommend?

i came across http://www.synology.com/enu/products/CS407e/index.php

any comments, or suggestion to other products

btw, i could simply build something myself, but it will take alot of time, which i dont have to spare. so i want to buy something that is ready.



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Look at QNAP TS209 & TS409. I have a TS109 Pro (single drive NAS) & it works great for my PC's & PS3


A basic PC with 4 hard drives won't take that long- just install OS and share the drives. If you do buy a NAS instead you'll want a 2-4 bay unit. I use a D-Link DNS-323 and does the job. One gripe is the loud fan.

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