I want to get some stuff from n96 to htc hero


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After some messing about with my phone,i am starting to get the hang of it more and where things are,but im sure i read somwhere about regular updates say from the like of facebook etc,how does this work?
Do i need to sign in and stay signed in?when you are signed into say that other others does it make any difference to the how your phone works etc.

i still have no idea how i was to get my phone contacts on to my phone ended up just adding them myself one by one,was not too many,i also have old txt messages again i will just have to live without them too,but i do have some vids and a couple of pics i see is still on my n96,most others was on my memory card but thre is a couple of things on my n96.
Whats the best way to get them to my htc hero,can i bluetooth them from n96 to htc?i also have some funny vids and songs on my phone again would be cool to add to my htc how can i get them on to the htc.

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