I want to change Astra in-car audio and keep the dash display


I have a 2003 vauxhall astra 1.7 DTi which is away for £3000 of work on it after a lorry with twin containers on the back managed to clip the back end of the car while managing to attempting to get past the car while applying less than adequate braking!!! , but that's another story.

The car currently has the standard factory issue CD player/radio that does the job nicley. I have a JVC radio (KD-G701) from my previous car that can play mp3's which I miss being able to. the current radio displays information in the dash display as with all astras. I'm worried that if I added the new radio that I'll lose the radio part of the dash display which I find a nice feature. I'm 90% certain that the radio can be linked to the fingertip controls so I'm pretty certain that they would work.

Different people have said that hooking up the new radio would mean the radio part of the dash display wouldn't work and other people have said that a cable can be bought that will keep to link between the dash display and the radio.

Does anybody on this forum own an astra and put in their own radio? Where you able to keep the dash display?


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i think you only loose the radio display, You would have the temp/time/date.

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