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I want to buy a PDA for the purpose of viewing RM file/mpg

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by scoobychau, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. scoobychau


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    I never used a pda before, so i just want a CHEAP one. and i don need a crazy fast one as i wont even play any crazy game with it.
    i only want to play Mpeg/RM smothly or may be mp3, read some Ebook and such.

    can some on advice me what to buy please?

    a friend of mine told me to get HP RZ1700 series..
    it is being sell for 300-400 CAD only...

    is that pda able to play rm file smothly?

    Thanks in advnace..

    Basically, what sort of requirement is necessary inorder for me to play RM or MPEG file smothly?
    like what sort of RAM or Cpu power?

    if u guys can give me some number, may be i can go to the store to pick one useful for myself to use..

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