I want Sky Digital in two rooms (in a totally illegal manner)



First things first, does Sky offer the second Digibox deal in the Republic Of Ireland?

Now, down (hopefully) to business.

Re viewing in two different rooms, couldn't I buy a second digibox from eBay without paying a second subscription to Sky?I've just realised that I can only view in a second room what's being watched in the first :rolleyes: (I was originally just going to split the signal)

What does the second box connect to?The first box or the Minidish and if so what additional equipment (if any) is required?

Do I run the risk of killing myself if I have to connect the second box to the Minidish?

How do I go about getting an up to date and future upgraded viewing cards for the second box?

Is there any way Sky would know I'm using a second box illegaly?(Isn't there something in their t&c regarding monitoring you via a telephone cable connection?)

Is this actually feasible? :D

Anyone?Thanks in advance.

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We don't allow discussion of illegal activities on these forums so the description of your thread is likely to get it deleted.
The LEGAL way to do it is use a video sender if you want the same program in 2 rooms.
If you want a different signal in each toom then use a second sky box (buy it second hand if you like) connected to the second connector of a twin LNB on your dish. Then for £15 a month the available programs on the first dish are duplicated on the second.
Both sky boxes will need to be connected to a phone line.


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I made use of the redundant first issue sky box when I upgraded to SKY +.
I have the original sky box in the kitchen which the engineer linked up to the new 4 block LNB upon installation.
I got the free to view card at the time so could watch all that came with it with good sound.

I can also watch everything from the Sky + box in kitchen, bedroom garden shed or computer room with the aid of the little sky channel changer (now available from Argos)-in the loft I have the 4 way signal enhancer-only the Sky one will work.
No extra cost paid for any of it.
The only disadvantage of the system in all of the rooms via the signal enhancer is the loss of the nicam sound.
Since they removed the free to view card I purchased the £22 one
The only annoying experience was when the Sky + box was 11 months old the signal went-sky engineer checked the LNB-full of water-the special tape they were issued with stayed special-had remained in his van.
I would not have been very happy if this had happened after 13 months.
As I have the original sky + box there appears to be conflicting arguements as to whether I can record two programmes at one
Answer please


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I don't think there's anything illegal about sourcing & fitting a 2nd box. You'd connect it to the LNB (if it's a dual LNB, or fit one) on the dish arm and be able to watch freeview channels without any viewing card in the 2nd box. Allegedly you can source a freeview card that will allow you to watch ITV & misc other free channels (some for sale on Ebay etc). If you want to watch an aray of channels you have to get a mirror subscription (conditions apply!) for £10 pm that duplicates whatever package is on your main box. If you go for that, I think both (but possibly just the 2nd box) needs to be connected to the phone. You can't have two boxes & swap the viewing card over without ringing Sky as they are tied to a box. Get + & a link, unless its important you watch 2 channels simultaneously, apart from the purchase cost I suspect its as cheap - & the dogs whatsits!
NJ a software download should permit you to record 2 programs whilst watching a 3rd already recorded one. If you haven't got the current software you can force a download. Sky'll tell you how, or instructions are on this forum.

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